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Old japanese car parts

Photos and video dont always do a legend justice. The curve of the drivers seat, the smell of the gasoline, the intoxicating sound of the exhaust, the view of the road, and the RPMs rising call you to shift in a harmony of power, control, and majesty. JDM Legends specializes in bringing each and every element of these sensations to life, creating an art piece of perfect form and function.

The only missing component is you. Let us bring you into a symphony you were born to be a part of. Bring back a JDM Legend to life with the help of our restoration services. In house professional restoration services cover every inch of the car, from engine work to interior. Dont want to wait to own a legend of your own?

Check out our current stock of vehicles for sale to make the first step in ownership a fantasy come true. Whether you want to bring in a car from Japan, or need help getting it street legal, trust our professionals both in the US and in Japan to bring you closer to your dream car.

Perfection Only the best make it through our shop. Start your road trip Check out cars for sale now. Living, Breathing Legends. Some legends live on in our hearts and minds, but never see the light of day. Some legends are mere stories handed down and spoken of as if they were myth.

old japanese car parts

Some legends, like a miracle, appear once in a lifetime making dreams a reality. RX7 The Creation. Sacred Sculpture. Gallery Photo. Gallery Video.Deliver your order from Japan Wide range of Worldwide delivery options are provided. For the auto parts that are out of stock at the time, we will place the new order from manufacturer and inform you when your order is available to ship to you.

We will contact you with the estimated delivery date and further information after the payment is received. Please be noticed that extra charge will be applied on any urgent deliveries if the customer requires. Customer satisfaction is very important for us and we would like you to have a great shopping experience with us.

We do provide multi-languages customer services, if you have any concerns regarding to your order, please feel free to contact us. Please check the stock with us if you are unsure. Find the auto parts number Inquire the stock and shipping cost Confirm Price, stock, order confirmation Calculate shipping cost Pay your order via Paypal or bank transfer Deliver your order from Japan Wide range of Worldwide delivery options are provided For customer's satisfaction 1.

We can order the auto parts in Japan for you. Parts No. Japan time:.By the late s, Japanese carmakers were taking on the established luxury brands with guns blazing. Tired of the sales price glass ceiling that names like Toyota, Nissan or Honda could command, they launched marques like Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura and introduced them with deluxe flagship sedans.

If presented with prime examples of all three today, which one would you drive into the ground, which would you keep pristine, and which would you unceremoniously throw on Craigslist? The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Like Nissan and IsuzuDaihatsu is now also offering virtual tours of its museum. In the old days unlicensed toys used to be somewhat janky, but in recent years in China, where manufacturing prowess and the wild west of intelletctual property law intersect, a lot of it has gotten quite good.

Now, you can build your favorite one, or all six of them, out of paper. To prove it, the company has dug into its archives to put together some videos, mixed with newer footage, showing their highlights and imparting their carmaking philosophy. It looks like this coronavirus social distancing thing is going to last a lot longer than what was initially ordered.

Mazda is celebrating their th anniversary this year, and they are marking the milestone with a series of th Anniversary Special Edition cars.

The teaser image above is the only official one right now, but we managed to find another. We know being trapped at home can be boring, and not all of us can use this time in the garage.

It was clear it needed some new shocks, as the front end got bouncy every time it hit a bump, but I had no idea how bad it was until I stuck my head underneath.

At the Tokyo Motor Show last year Honda showed a cool little concept bike that looked like a revival of the CT Also known as Trail Cub or Hunter Cub, the original was a more rugged version of the venerable Super Cub for light off-road duty. Honda said the concept was merely there to gauge customer reaction. But, the results speak for themselves, as seen in a newly released video.

Today is the birthday of one of the greatest humans ever to work behind a camera, director Akira Kurosawa. If he were alive today, Kurosawa would be years old.

Film and digital shots, whether still or moving, can make the mundane beautiful, and make the beautiful breathtaking. Being cooped up at home under COVID quarantine is a great way to spend some quality time with your family.

Be sure to tell your loved ones what good little kids they are before you go insane arguing over what to watch on Netflix.One of the great things about living on the West Coast is how established the Japanese classic car community is.

In many parts of the US, there's still people who laugh at the idea of a Japanese classic car show, but out in Long Beach this past weekend it was clear that Japanese 'nostalgic' cars are serious business indeed.

The turnout of vintage Japanese cars was quite spectacular, with lots of rare, interesting stuff you almost never see on the roads anymore — and, here on the US, you almost never saw on the roads, period. So come along with me, have a weird rainbow sno-cone that rapidly melts into a brown slush lump, and join me on a quick tour of all this great old Japanese iron:.

There were a number of very-well maintined Mazda RX-2s. What really struck me about many of them were these huge, lavishly chromed turbo setups many of them had. Rotaries sure are odd looking under the hood. Also fascinating was something I've never seen before: a vinyl trunk. Mazda took the American vinyl roof affectation to its utmost extreme, allowing that luxuriant vinyl to cascade all the way down onto the trunk lid. It's sort of like an automotive mullet.

Mazda's rotary-powered pickup trucks are real unicorns nowadays, so seeing one in this pristine condition is really something special. Those are some lovely Fairlady rear ends. Be careful describing this picture verbally if you're in an office. This may be the nicest captive-import Mitsubishi I've seen since I time-travelled to my job as an early '80s Dodge salesman.

The second-nicest Dodge Colt I've ever seen was right next to it, and I finally really looked at that badge, and realized how it could easily have been the alternate-universe Mustang badge.

How Car Enthusiasts in Japan Build Up a Car On a Budget! Up Garage - JDM Masters

I've always admired the way Japanese men seem secure in their masculinity and aren't afraid to challenge it a bit. For example, there's no way in hell you could have sold a sports car to men in the US with the name "Fairlady," written on the car in wedding-invitation script. This was a really incredibly clean example of a very novel, innovative, and often overlooked car. Those taillights are so '80s they're cool again, and that swappable-tailgate thing is great.

old japanese car parts

Plus, it's a T-top shooting brake! What's not to like? Of course there were some fantastic old Skylines. I liked this classy brute an awful lot. Stick a fish-mouth grille and some vivid red paint on a z and all of a sudden you've got some odd, forgotten Ferrari. Look at those taillights. How did this old Cressida wagon survive in such amazing condition?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Welcome, Not a member yet? Do you need auto parts for a right hand drive vehicle imported from Japan?

Our professional Spare Parts Team can provide you with a quote for the exact parts you need for your Japanese or foreign make car. Request a FREE quote today. Check the indicative price for the parts you need in the table below.

old japanese car parts

Click the quotation request button and input all the details requested. We email you a free quotation within one business day. Confirm if you accept the quotation and proceed with the payment.

After we receive the payment we will source the parts and dispatch them to you. Home - Spare Parts. Buy car parts from stock. Shipping methods Sent by Air Courier approximate delivery time 10 days. Sent by Ship approximate delivery time 6 weeks. Trust Company Ltd. Buy car parts directly from Japan out of overitems in Stock. Body parts, engines, transmissions, suspension parts, electrical parts, tyres and rims in brand new, reconditioned or used conditions.

We deliver to more than Countries and areas, by air and ocean freight. Limited availability parts available in stock now.

old japanese car parts

Click here to download the list. For questions or orders please contact our Spare Parts Team by email at parts japanesevehicles.The cost of shipping parts in bulk is a small fraction of shipping the parts individually. A convenient Done For You Service, without having to leave your office and waste time, money and salaries travelling to and from Japan.

To import the highest profit, highest value parts available in Japan. To import parts the most profitable way possible, by full containers. To import parts on an ongoing, continuity basis. Rare, high value and late model parts.

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To import parts in a particular market nichee. To import parts for a single make or model. To add other kinds of stock into their parts containers. To source from multiple suppliers throughout Japan and ship in a single container.

To source at the beginning of the supply chain and save. To ship new parts with used parts in the same container. To source on both a parts and a whole car basis. Whole cars professionally dismantled to their requirements. Simple online Pick n Click convenience for stock selection and dismantling.

To import parts that have already been cleaned in Japan. Industry best stock preparation, protection and container packing.

Living, Breathing Legends

Private or hobbiest parts importers. Parts importers without a successful registered business generating daily revenue. Parts importers without dedicated business premises. Parts importers wanting a one-off shipment, not an ongoing service. Parts importers wanting shipments of less than one container.



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